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I am a software engineer with a focus on backend engineering but have experience with web and mobile development, artificial intelligence, and data science. Currently, focused on gaining more development experience through part-time freelance work outside of my full-time position as a software engineer.

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I am a software engineer with a focus on backend engineering but have experience with web and mobile development, artificial intelligence, and data science. Currently, focused on gaining more development experience through part-time freelance work outside of my full-time position as a software engineer.


Software Engineer

Barracuda Networks

Fri Jul 01 2022 - Present

  • Designed pipelines for consuming and validating data coming from existing data sources and storing the data in a data lake
  • Significantly improved an evaluation microservice built to evaluate third-party vendor's DNS filtering capabilities against our existing DNS filtering service, WCS, to leverage their services to improve the efficacy of WCS
  • Upgraded our real-time URL analysis product security page, Barracuda LinkProtection, designing an adaptive Just-In-Time training portal, that includes related videos and an Azure Cognitive Services integration
  • Built Barracuda Sage application, an AI-assisted chatbot that leverages Azure Cognitive Services and RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) to answer questions related to Barracuda Networks, Cybersecurity, and Barracuda products
  • Designed the Barracuda Sage UI, continuously working with executives, product managers, and other Barracuda employees to improve the user experience
  • Built a vector ingestion pipeline, that took our existing data, chunked, and embedded the data, to improve our search capabilities by allowing us to perform vector searches, those search results would then be used with RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation), to improve the accuracy of the answers generated by the model

Automated Trading System Developer (Freelance)


Mon May 01 2023 - Sat Jul 01 2023

  • Built an automated trading system using forecasting and financial reinforcement learning
  • Integrated the trading system with a financial service API
  • Walked the client through the process of using the system and adding/modifying trading strategies

Full-Stack Engineer (Freelance)

Aperiam Bio

Thu Dec 01 2022 - Wed Feb 01 2023

  • Created and managed database models and object-oriented handlers
  • Built a secure public API for the frontend web app to interact with and perform CRUD operations
  • Wrote data ingestion scripts and designed data ingestion pipelines
  • Deployed Flask API to a PAAS
  • Resolved limited memory and platform-level timeout issues when requesting large sets of data by implementing parallel processing to improve performance and compressing data for a smaller response size

API Engineer / Application Solutions Engineer

Priority Technology Holdings

Thu Jul 01 2021 - Fri Jul 01 2022

  • Resolved payment processing API related tickets, while adhering to SLAs for various clients
  • SME for enterprise and legacy payment platform APIs, Vortex EOS, and MX Merchant respectively
  • Updated documentation for all for all PRTH products, including API references and API guide videos
  • Supported new customer API integrations
  • API SDK: Created an API SDK library to support PRTH's payment processing API in a language-idiomatic way, to reduce complexity without sacrificing API functionality
  • Integration Hours Analysis: Designed a client integration monitoring system, to track integration hours/time spent on tickets for different clients, using a combination of API requests and web scraping for data, storing data in a NoSQL database, and writing queries and functions to return the data in the desired format. This information would then be used to conceptualize, implement, enforce a new business plan to improve our integration process

Software Engineer (Freelance)

Flip the Pips LLC

Wed Jul 01 2020 - Fri Jul 01 2022

  • Managed company technological infrastructure using cloud service provider AWS
  • Defined and prioritized all product features and capabilities
  • Built algorithmic trading software to implement the owner/trader's trading strategies using a combination of technical indicators, moving averages, sentiment analysis, simple web scraping, and a proprietary trading algorithm
  • Responsible for building, updating, and maintaining the data models of all tables in the database
  • Created a multi-threaded data management application that handled user data, subscriptions, and services while interacting with external APIs and internal databases
  • Built a secure public API for the frontend web app to interact with and perform various CRUD operations
  • Designed frontend web app in React that utilizes global state, handles backend logic, interacts with our API, and allows for users to view and manage their account data, services, and subscriptions through a UI
  • Built a data pipeline that web scraped news articles, stored the data in a NoSQL database, queried and performed sentiment analysis on the stored data to generate trade signals
  • Setup CI/CD pipelines to automate our software delivery process

Support Technician

Noble Systems

Wed Jul 01 2020 - Sat May 01 2021

  • KPI Migration Project: Migrated MSSQL database that stored key performance Indicator data to PostgreSQL
  • Adhered to strict SLAs for various clients of differing configurations, products, and practices
  • Documented all activities in ticketing system in a clear and concise manner

Lifecycle Operations Specialist (Site Reliability Engineer)

GE Digital

Mon Jul 01 2019 - Wed Jul 01 2020

  • Created/Edited 100+ browser automation scripts with XPath query-based actions in Selenium WebDriver
  • Managed 30+ private minion servers, which extended our synthetics coverage to 5 geographical locations, that allowed SAAS Based New Relic Synthetics UI, to connect to and interact with GE's internal applications
  • Developed an account search tool in React for the Application Monitoring Team self-service portal to allow customers and other SRE's to more easily find the different accounts in New Relic
  • Made charts in React to visualize monitoring team metrics such as ticket queue efficiency, average time to close ticket by SRE and cost by business unit
  • Modified the Application Monitoring Team's Selenium WebDriver base script to improve descriptions common errors, capture and store data related to errors, and added new features to existing functions per customer request
  • Wrote Sensu checks, that monitored critical message brokers, visualization applications, time-series databases, monitoring dashboards, web servers, in-memory databases and data centers used in GE's Event Management infrastructure monitoring system
  • Designed dashboards in Grafana that visualized monitoring data flow, uptime, availability, application health, and asset health

Data Analyst Intern (Full-Stack Engineer)

GE Digital

Tue Jan 01 2019 - Mon Jul 01 2019

  • Upgraded a GE Asset Search Tool by optimizing SQL queries to improve performance and modified the front-end web design to better fit with the GE standard
  • Developed 2 search tools and a KPI/SLA Dashboard that provided GE employees with information needed to locate company assets, determine the legal status of devices, measure leasing data, and different hardware ticket metrics that our team was responsible for tracking



Project 1 of 1: Flip the Pips App

Flip the Pips LLC is a social trading and forex investment company that focuses on providing financial consultancy and trade copying services. This web app allows users to sign up, pay for services, monitor account performance, and update their account and subscription settings. I assumed the responsibilities of a full-stack developer, data engineer, and cloud engineer.


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